Genesis Handboards is based in the mountains of North Carolina. Each deck is shaped by hand. Our boards are wide as far as handboards go, they are 3 inches wide and 11 inches long. Genesis trucks are a completely custom design and are made out of 356 grade aluminum that has been T6 heat treated for added strength; with plated steel axle and kingpin to ensure that they will never rust. Our wheels are dual bearing 90A grade urethane that are really grippy and have a mean bark. The wheels are all handmade on a lathe. Each handboard is special to me, it is a piece of me in each deck. I hope that this product continues to improve over time via feedback from the community.


Anyone new to handboarding can benefit from it if they love skateboarding. Not only is it a fun hobby but a great learning tool for learning new tricks. The hand placement closely resembles the foot position on a skateboard; hence being able to mimic foot movements with your hands. So you will get the benefit of polishing up those tricks without the risk of injury and the ability to translate them on a skateboard.